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Judgment For The Plaintiff – Awarded To Chris Dwaine Christensen

<Find Sequestrator Operating System index content, compile guilty characters, impose monetary & physical assets for penalties, confiscate bank accounts, real estate, jewelry, precious metals, Titles, Deeds, property, automobiles and send all retrieved and confiscated items as fines and penalties due to pay Chris Dwaine Christensen until $21,000,000,000 ($21 Billion Dollars) per count & individual criminal is paid in full.>

August 14th, 2016

<*China & Constituents of Chinese Association are found guilty and will comply immediately or the Urantia Universal Military will engage and destroy all Chinese forces, assets, finances, businesses, communications, transportation and factories.

Chris Dwaine Christensen Presiding Universal Police Force Officer, Universal Military Commander, Founder & Owner/Operator.>


Chris Dwaine Christensen is a United States Citizen of good standing who was born in 1962 in Paradise (Winchester) Township, Las Vegas, Nevada on December 16th at 6:18 AM in the Sunrise Hospital now known as “Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital”. Chris Dwaine Christensen also uses “Majestone” as a business and family name, as well as a unique universal enterprise name.

“Majestone” DBA is registered in the State of Utah, (Salt Lake City) along with “Majestone Enterprises” & “UniversalPoliceForce.Com”.

Chris is a Paradise Emergency Bestowal Son from Paradise and does have ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND EARTH!!!

The Urantia Universal Military is active and functioning in full force on this planet as also is the Universal Police Force, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs, all of which are part of the Paradise Operated “Urantia Planetary Government”.

~ CEO ~

1. Majestone.Com


3. Majestone Enterprises.Com

4. Universal Police Force.Com

5. Urantia Universal Military.Com

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12. Infinite SpaceTime Quotient Formula Copyright Patented Majestone.Info

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107. Chris America® Beneficial Care Insurance Company® .US

108. Peers Exotica® Organization

SEQUESTRATOR®, Incorporated

The Sequestrator® Operating System & Software Company  is designed to be accompanied by a specialized computer MegaFrame® hardware  format & server system with enhanced DuraForce® non-penetratable materials for electronic communication protection, security & anti-theft messaging protocols that also includes mobile devices made exclusively for the SEQUESTRATOR® Members Only clientele base & utilities group.

This infrastructure will be un-matched, Patent protected & Copyright secure utilizing in-house law enforcement measures established and owned by the sole independent creator.

The Urantia Planetary Government, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs, the Universal Police Force & the Urantia Universal Military shall ensure the property & safety of all contents, customers, authors, creators, inventors, club members, employees, clients, artists & any other SEQUESTRATOR® user that complies by all ordinances, policies, procedures, contracts, agreements, terms and conditions.

A minimum monthly membership fee will be mandatory to provide a continuous influx of funding which will help provide resources necessary to attain the highest quality standards.

Also we must use our own factory made equipment which will also require a minimum investment from each member.

And because many people use mobile devices that also require communications connections SEQUESTRATOR® will be an independent network to eliminate the potential hazards of outsiders penetrating our guarded systems.

So a minimal contractual obligation must be met for subscribing members.

The cost of developing, maintaining & securing this segregated community of devices and systems must be congruent and universally compatible with all of our member's equipment & instruments.

Profit sharing will be distributed to all members which will enrich our wonderful new and amazing enterprise.

Potential Investments:

1. Operating System - $200 Per Title Release *Deposit Guarantee
2. Mobile Device - $299 Minimum Phone or Tablet Purchase
3. Desktop or Laptop - $399 Minimum Purchase
4. Contracts – 2 Year Minimum Subscription
5. Monthly Dues - $9.99 Club Membership Fee
6. Background Checks – Criminal, Credit, Employment, Residential & Aliases, etc.


A. 1 - $200 O/S Cost

A. 2 - $299 Mobile/Tablet Buy Minimum

A. 3 - $107 ($8.88/Mo. = $106.56/Year) *Increased to $9.99/MO. Sept. 1st

A. Total - $606 ~ + Tax

B. 1 - $200 O/S Cost

B. 2 - $399 Laptop/Desktop Min. Buy

B. 3 - $107 (Annual Membership Fee ~)

B. Total - $706 ~ + Tax

C. Carrier - $55/Month *Unlimited Plans~

$9.99 Per Month Sequestrator O/S Monthly Subscription - Allocated Funds Division

*Break Down

AFD - Allocated Funds Division

CRL - Customer Reply Letter

VMB - Verified Members Benefits *Multiple Club Access, Club Merchandise Purchase Access

PWA - Private Web Access

MIL - Members Inventory List *Products & Prices

PSA - Profit Sharing Account

CMR - Club Members Report *Infrequent Business Report To All Club Members

INS - Insurance

O/S - Operating System

SEC - Security

HDW - Hardware

STOR - Store

CSA - Company/Corporate Sales Account

0.     $9.99 - .59 (Bank/Accounting) = $9.40

1.      $ .88 PSA

2.      $ .75 INS

3.      $1.25 O/S

4.      $1.00 SEC

5.      $1.00 HDW

6.      $ .62 STOR

7.      $ .86 Bank 1

8.      $ .83 Bank 2

9.      $ .69 Bank 3

10.    $1.52 CEO

COPYRIGHT© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Creator/Author/Owner/CEO
All Rights Reserved

Windows 11®

The MUSM® Report

United Immigration Center of America®

Angels Archway Metropolitan Center Bank®

LynxStar® Computer Science College of Business®

Majestone Enterprises®Paradise Value Credits® $PVC®

Urantia Earth Utah State, County & City Angels Light, Rain & Skies Owner

Lock Earth Confinement Key Code 2112 Year Potential Release Source CDC®

D.A.P.S.C.O.L.®  Digital Analog Precision System Computer Operations Language®

The Majestone Institue For Financial Transactions, Storage, Accumulation & Protection Agency®

UrantiaNet® Tri-Kernel® Digital Analog Precision System Computer Operations Link Hyper Textt Transfer Protocol Markup Language Security® Author

Urantia Earth Bartar & Trade Company®

Chris America® Universal Law Chief®

American Indian Military Corps®

AutoLaw AutoKill DigitalLaw

ElectroNet® Force®

Officer’s Weekly®

Spirit Reich®

International Monetary Fund®© The Utah Fair Residency Law® Integrated Corporations

***The UniversalPoliceForce.Com & Sequestrator Operating System Subscription Club Membership offer through the PayPal (Button) *Bancorp* has been removed and is no longer available through the original plan.

***Criminals have hacked the Godaddy.Com Server I.P. ( located in Scottsdale, Arizona, for my websites domains & hosting and re-routed the attempted buyers to kill all orders which would have been over 100 more club members and over $1,000 per month in monetary cash revenue and assets.

***Said criminals are: Godaddy, Inc., The United States Government (NSA, CIA, FBI, SS, etc.), The United States President(s) and Cabinet members, The Mormon Church (Church of *Jesus Christ* of Latter Day Saints), the Catholic Church, Bancorp, PayPal Inc, Utah State Government, The Salt Lake City Police Department, (All Utah State Police Departments), the University of Utah, The Salt Lake City Library, The Utah State Hospital, The City of Salt Lake, the City Creek Mall, the Gateway Mall, The Road Home, Catholic Community Services, Comcast, Questar, Century Link, Google, Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Inc., Windows Operating Systems, Linux Operating Systems, Android Operating Systems, Chinese Operating Systems, China Country Government, Chines Corporations, U.S. Corporations, The State of Nevada, Wells Fargo Bank, Berkshire Hathaway, Haliburton, Blackstone, all branches of the United States Military, the Rothschild Groups & families, JP Morgan Chase Banks, Washington Mutual, US Bank, CitiBank, The World Bank, Zions Bank, Western Union, Synchronicity Bank, Amazon Inc., Green Dot Bank, WalMart, General Electric Inc., Nostalgia Café, 7/11, Big Lots, UTA, Harmons, Smith’s, Kroger’s, Pepsi Cola, Coca~Cola, Psychiatrists of Utah & other locations, Salt Lake Municipal Court, 3rd District Court, U.S. Supreme Court, United Nations, NATO, UK, the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Utah State Governors, Utah City Mayors, Department of Commerce, US District Attorney, Maverick, Overnighter Motel, Motel6, India, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, etc., etc,, etc…..

*This is still only a partial list.

I will accept cashable orders for $9.99 received at the paid business shipping address:

Chris Dwaine Christensen 406 E. 300 S. #105 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Pay to the order of “UniversalPoliceForce.Com”

(Money Orders, Personal Checks, etc.) to be deposited to the UniversalPoliceForce.Com business account *Wells Fargo Bank SLC, UT.


***Only individual personal human beings may become club members. All applicants are subject to review. Payment does not guarantee membership. *All rights reserved and held intact by the Urantia Planetary Government & Majestone Enterprises.

***The UniversalPoliceForce.Com is not responsible for the criminal acts of potential club members all monies will be cashed and accounted for. Criminal Background Checks, etc. will be conducted.

~ CEO & Owner/Founder Chris Dwaine Christensen (Christ Michael of Urantia/Nebadon)

Our new Sequestrator® Operating System

is now operating on the URANTIANET® so, it is necessary to charge $9.99 Per Month Membership to allow the Profit Sharing Program to produce a more fruitful environment that we can all live by.

Beginning September 1st, 2016 our Club Membership Dues Price is $9.99 Per Month for the entire time the account is active.

The SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System is a new development which will separate us children of God from the corrupt & criminal governments of the world. $9.99 per month that we are now beginning to collect from each potential member is an account opener as well as initial funding for our new profit sharing enterprise.

What is this all about?

Majestone Enterprises® is the active owner and operator of the Universal Police Force(.Com)® & UniversalPoliceForce.Com® law enforcement agencies sourced from our Universal Father & Paradise.

Cashable orders for $9.99 received at the paid business shipping address:

Chris Dwaine Christensen 406 E. 300 S. Unit #105 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Pay to the order of:

“UniversalPoliceForce.Com” (Money Orders, Personal Checks, etc.) to be deposited to the UniversalPoliceForce.Com business account.

**Background Checks Will Be Conducted - Criminal, Credit, Employment, Residential & Aliases, etc., Only Light & Life Qualified Candidates Will Be Approved To Join & Become An Official Club Member.

*All Governments (and affiliates) must pay a $21 Billion USD Non-Refundable Security Deposit to view our member’s content, whether personal, private or commercial, etc.

*No Government, Organization, Agency, Institution or Business, etc., is allowed to pass a law or policy that allows them to view content of our active members.

*A $1 Trillion $USD ($1,000,000,000,000) Fine will be collected for Trespassing, Theft, Invasion of Privacy, Treason, Vandalism and an act of war upon our true members.

Qualifications To Do Business With *Majestone Enterprises the Universal Police Force *Urantia Earth Planetary Owner:

**You must first become a paid, active and stable Club Member of UniversalPoliceForce.Com® & Sequestrator® Operating System at $9.99 per Month**

Example: Wholesale Rates & Profitable Income Terms, Conditions & Agreements = 62% for Primary Owner/Contractor & 32% for Sub Contractor & Purchaser of License Application for Resellers Permit.

1. $10.00 Application Fee (3 Year DBA Longevity & Renewal Necessity)

2. $110.00 3 Year Permit Fee

3. $5.00 Utah State Administrative Fee

4. $3.00 For UniversalPoliceForce.Com International & Local Government Administrative Fee

5. $128.00 Total Fees Before Any Taxes Applied or Paid by Internal Agencies

Example: 10.00 Minimum Sale Agreement per item(s). *= $6.20 for UniversalPoliceForce.Com & $3.80 for Utah Department of Universal Law Enforcement (Owned & Operated by Chris Dwaine Christensen). *EXAMPLE: A Bumper Sticker Made and or Sold.*

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Catholic Church, any Mormon or Religious Institution, Organization or Charity.

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by any entity, organization, business or party that is being sued, illegal or has been convicted of a federal crime, a felony, or an international terrorist or hacker ring in the Urantia Earth International & Space Jurisdiction.

*Majestone Enterprises is also in reference to all of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Businesses.

Corporate Sales Accounts - EXAMPLE!!

 Shipping & E-Transfer Expenses

$18.88 - .88 (PSA)

10.    $1.52 CEO - (24%) .36 Corp Stock Holdings Release

11.    $  .88 Stock Shares Club Member’s PSA

12.    $  .36 Stock Share Holders Account

13.    $2.76 T = % Point Gain Release of Holdings

Member’s Return & Profit Investment Allotments Example Math

14. $888.88 Share Purchase +

15. $      .88 (PSA) Transfer +

16. $      .36 (CEO/Corporate/Company Holdings

17. $890.12 *One Stock Certificate Share Sale Review For Increase Potential

$1,224 MUSM Number One Collectible IPO Stock Share Certificate Sale 10-10-16®

$48.88 Shipping/E-Transfer Charge (6.85% Taxed - Salt Lake City, UT) UPF Compliant

18. $1,224 Share Purchase +

19. $  8.88 (PSA) Transfer +

20. $    .36 (CEO/24% Corporate Executive Offerings)

21. $1,233.24 *One Stock Certificate Share Sale Review For Increase Potential

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®

Legal Notice:

*MajestoneQ.Com Was Stolen by “Name Cheap - China” They refused to let me log in to my account and renew it, and I did have the right Email Address and Password. MajestoneQ Children’s Blog was a blog attached to the domain. *They also tried to steal “The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation.Com” website by threatening to attach a “CA” on the end of it!! *Also Chinese people at the “OVERNIGHTER MOTEL” (Salt Lake City, Utah) are also part of the international thieves who have stolen Majestone Enterprises property in June 2016 which includes $1,000s (thousands of dollars) of computer equipment, company property, company files, creations, etc., etc., etc.

Robberies, Burglaries & The Criminal Utah/U.S. Government Perpetrators

Hello Officer Gillot,

I have been at full battle mode and high military status.

I and we are at War against the Chinese Mafia, Mormon Mafia, USA Government Mafia, European Union, Illuminati, Bildrebergs, etc., etc.

At the "Overnighter Motel" 1500 West North Temple Salt Lake City, Utah

Room #132 and other previous units that I rented:

I found illegal power, cable and telephone connections on the premises.

The Chinese Mafia is running the illegal motel business and the Salt Lake Police Department is partners in crime also. They stole my personal property of mega proportions and pretended to throw them away in the trash dumpster.

Also after investigating further criminal activity on the same block just North of the Fence line from the "Motel" I found an illegal campsite during the night time. Suddenly 3 armed robbers jumped me and pinned me against the ground in a throat/head lock in an attempted murder while also threatening to shoot me with a "gun" and they did also deliver many severe blows to my lower back right hip side with a "blunt (instrument) weapon".

They did force me to relinquish the hold I had on myself defensive protected personal belongings of a very valuable and expensive equipment, identifications, banking cards, & information, social security card, Utah State I.D.(s), my LG-G Stylo Cell Phone (WalMart Family Mobile/Metro-PCS, T-Mobile Accounts), A SIM Card, A 32GB SanDisk Extreme Memory Card containing *stocked Full of* Personal, Private, Business, WebSites, Creative, Creations, Arts of unlimited Monetary Values and Monies Fortunes & Products - Birth Certificate, IDs, also a PNY Portable USB Charger (Purchased from Smith's Market Place SLC, UT Downtown Location), various store savings club cards, SLC Library Card and many more items with too much value and products I created and not enough time to tell you all the many details.

*Then they did also burglarize my storage unit #C-023 at the Public Storage Company located at 1560 W. North Temple SLC, UTAH

*They stole all the valuables including computer equipment, computer accessories, media, music equipment, many, many items....

Criminals Listed:

Salt Lake City Police department,

Salt Lake City Officials,

Salt Lake County Officials,

Utah County Officials,

Utah State Officials,

The LDS Churches – Mormons,

LDS Employees & Owners,

Utah Banks,

Utah Businesses,

Rocky Mountain Power,

The Road Home staff members/owner operators,

The Catholic Churches,

The United States Government Employees,

The United States Government Politicians,





General Electric,






Metro PCS,


George Bush,

Dick Cheney,

Larry Silverstein,




The U.S. Military,

The United Nations (U.N.),

The European Union (E.U.),

The I.R.S.,

The Social Security Administration,

The Federal Reserve Bank,

The World Bank,

The US Bank,

The Citi Bank,

The Chase Bank,

The D.O.D.,

The D.O.J.,






The Department of Homeland Security,

U.S. Secret Service Agency,

The Salt Lake Sheriff's Department & Deputies,

The Adult Detention Center & affiliates,

The Third District Courts,

The Salt Lake City Courts,

The LaPorte Group - Jameson,

The Salt Lake City Fire Department,

The New York Fire Department, etc., etc., etc.

Too many criminals and criminal organizations to list.


Officer Chris Dwaine Christensen

Universal Police Force Badge #008

Urantia Universal Military Police Soldier #62-008100

Urantia Planetary Government Owner Operator #2112

Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs Agent #1962-12-16: 6/25/2016 11:00 - 11:32 AM

Copyright© 2016 InternationalMonetaryFund.Mobi® Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright© 2016 Majestone Copyright© 2016 UniversalPoliceForce.Com®

Copyright© 2016 Chrit Michael® Copyright© 2016 Weapon®

Chris Dwaine Christensen

406 E. 300 S. #105

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation® & The MUSM®© Report©, Inc.

*We are a Private Members Only Business Enterprise.

*You Must Purchase An Annual Club Membership Subscription at $9.99 Per Month & Keep Your Member’s Account Active To Engage, Enjoin, Share, Profit & Enjoy Our Investment & Profit Sharing Program.

Penalty For Trespassing, Invasion of Privacy, Breaking and Entering, Theft, Criminal Deception or any Violation of Universal Police Force Laws:

All violators will now be automatically charged a $21 Billion Dollar fine and penalty payable to:

Chris Dwaine Christensen 210 S. Rio Grande Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

ANY GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR, EMPLOYEE, AFFILIATE, LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, CONTRACTOR, EMPLOYEE OR AFFILIATE WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A $21 Billion Dollar Non-Refundable Bond plus, all other applicable fees to view any of my or other members personal, private or business property, documents or apparatuses!!

*Government Corruption is rampant in this world!! So in order to insure the privacy of all of our member's and their lawful contents and creative works a Membership Fee, Annual Dues, plus the cost of Premier Title Edition(s) - (Suite Disk) will be required.

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Patent Owner/Author/Inventor/Founder & CEO


        I, Chris Dwaine Christensen, do own this “Earth” as private property and estate with the name “Urantia” as the sole owner and sole proprietor with all its resources and wealth and providence as written and including all these titles of: (1.) “Urantia” (Entity No. 10286961), (2.) “Urantia Earth” (Entity No. 10286848), (3.) “Urantia Earth Resources Manager And Planetary Owner” (Entity No. 10116691), (4.) “Urantia Earth Planetary Land, Electricity, Food, Water, Financial Institutes, Housing, Real Estate And Profitable Material Sales Owner” (Entity No. 10149147), (5.) “Urantia Earth Universal Indigenous Creatures, Air, Fire And Souls Owner” (Entity No. 10325872), (6.) “Urantia Earth Oil, Gas, Chemical, Solar And Universal Energy Company” (Entity No. 10286369), (7.) “Urantia Earth Gold, Gemstones, Precious Metals And Minerals Owner” (Entity No. 10286365), (8.) “Urantia Earth Utah State, County, City, Angels, Light Rain And Skies Owner” (Entity No. 10325873) & (9.) “Uranta Earth Universal Communications Company“ (Entity No. 10251630), (10.) “Urantia Earth Universal Transportation Company” (Entity No. 10286367) (11.) “AmericaPC.US” (Entity No. 10326375) *aka “America Private/Profession Corporation, Continents or Company (.US)*

        Other Estates, Businesses & Properties Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen: (12.) “Angels Archway Metropolitan Center” (Entity No. 10325897), (13.) “Childreamia” (Entity No. 10215686), (14.) “Chris America” (Entity No. 10288235), (15.) “Chris AmeriCash Beneficiary Care Insurance Company” (Entity No. 10325904), (16.), “Christ Michael” (Entity No. 9723113), (17.) “Galaxy Groceries” (Entity No. 10325917), (18.) “InternationalMonetrayFund.Mobi” (Entity No. 9719076), (19.) “LynxStar Operating System” (Entity No. 10325898), (20.) “Majestone” (Entity No. 8729356), (21.) “Majestone Enterprises” (Entity No. 9263666), (22.) “Majestone Electronics Manufacturing, Sales And Distribution Company” (Entity No. 10290138), (23.) “Majestone Generators” (Entity No. 10327506), (24.) “Majestone Music” (Entity No. 10325918), (25.) “Majestone Universal Computer Manufacturing And Sales Company” (Entity No. 10177261), (26.) “Majestone Wireless” (Entity No. 10290139), (27.) “MajicHut” (Entity No. 10325924), (28.) “MajiCloud” (Entity No. 10288193), (29.) “MajicTune” (Entity No. 10325925), (30.) “Pawn Brokers Exchange” (Entity No. 10177269), (31.) “Rainbow Weapon American Indian Victor Tribe” (Entity No. 10325902), (32.) Sequestrator Operating System” (Entity No. 10177262), (33.) “The Majestone Universal Stock Market Company” (Entity No. 10286371), (34.) “TheRoadHome.Property” (Entity No. 10286364), (35.) “UniversalPoliceForce.Com” (Entity No. 8600035), (36.) “Weapon” (Entity No. 10115163).

Copyright© 1962 – 2017 ~ Chris Dwaine Christensen Birth Certificate No. 62-008100 DOB 12/16/1962 at 6:18 AM MST Sunrise Hospital Las Vegas, Nevada USA Urantia Earth

*All Rights Reserved*

36 Registered Businesses of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Primary Estate Values Available Only Through Universal PoliceForce.Com® & SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System Club Member’s Investment & Profit Sharing Program

36 Business Strategies To End All Wars on Urantia

1. AmericaPC.US® File and Entity Number 10326375®,

2. Angels Archway Metropolitan Center® File and Entity Number 10325897®,

3. Childreamia® File and Entity Number 10215686®,

4. Chris America® File and Entity Number 10288235®,

5. Chris AmeriCash Beneficiary Care Insurance Company® File and Entity Number 10325904®,

6. Christ Michael® File and Entity Number 9723113®,

7. Galaxy Groceries® File and Entity Number 10325917®,

8. InternationalMonetaryFund.Mobi® File and Entity Number 9719076®,

9. LynxStar® Operating System® File and Entity Number 10325898®,

10. Majestone® File and Entity Number 8729356®,

11. Majestone Electronics Manufacturing, Sales And Distribution Company® File and Entity Number 10290138®,

12. Majestone Enterprises® File and Entity Number 9263666®,

13. Majestone Generators® File and Entity Number 10327506®,

14. Majestone Music® File and Entity Number 10325918®,

15. Majestone Universal Computer Manufacturing And Sales Company® File and Entity Number 10177261®,

16. Majestone Wireless® File and Entity Number 10290139®,

17. MajiCloud® File and Entity Number 10288193®,

18. MajicHut® File and Entity Number 10325924®,

19. MajicTune® File and Entity Number 10325925®,

20. Pawn Brokers Exchange® File and Entity Number 10177269®,

21. Rainbow Weapon American Indian Victor Tribe® File and Entity Number 10325902®,

22. Sequestrator Operating System® File and Entity Number 10177262®,

23. The Majestone Universal Stock Market Company® File and Entity Number 10286371®,

24. TheRoadHome.Property® File and Entity Number 10286364®,

25. Urantia Earth Gold, Gemstones, Precious Metals And Minerals Owner® File and Entity Number 10286365®,

26. UniversalPoliceForce.Com® File and Entity Number 8600035®,

27. Urantia Earth Oil, Gas, Chemical, Solar And Universal Energy Company® File and Entity Number 10286369®,

28. Urantia Earth Planetary Land, Electricity, Food, Water, Financial Institutes, Housing, Real Estate And Profitable Material Sales Owner® File and Entity Number 10149147®,

29. Urantia Earth Resources Manager And Planetary Owner® File and Entity Number 10116691®,

30. Urantia Earth Universal Communications Company® File and Entity Number 10251630®,

31. Urantia Earth Universal Indigenous Creatures Air, Fire And Souls Owner® File and Entity Number 10325872®,

32. Urantia Earth Universal Transportation Company® File and Entity Number 10286367®,

33. Urantia Earth Utah State, County, City, Angels, Light, Rain And Skies Owner® File and Entity Number 10325873®,

34. Urantia Earth® File and Entity Number 10286848®,

35. Urantia® File and Entity Number 10286961®,

  36. Weapon® File and Entity Number 10115163®

Law Suit – Federal Claims Court – Washington DC U.S.A.

July 24th, 2016

*Retroactive Filing: December 16th, 1962
Chris Dwaine Christensen – Plaintiff
- United States Citizen –
- Birth Certificate No. 62-008100
- DOB: 12/16/1962
- Time: 6:18 AM MST
- Place: Sunrise Hospital
- Las Vegas, NV
- Winchester (Paradise) Township
- Clark County

The Corporation of the United States of America, The United States Corporation, The Federal Reserve, The Federal Reserve Bank, etc. and Any & All Associates, Subsidiaries, Conglomerates, Sister Organizations, Corporations, Companies or Businesses.

To Wit;
Chris Dwaine Christensen is now bringing this case as a Law Suit to be litigated in Federal Court over the undeniable proof and evidence of premeditated theft of personal, private and business Property, Funds, Bonds, Assets, Stock Shares, Sales of Stock Shares & many other business transactions in and from the Corporation of the United States of America.
So that the United States Citizen: Chris Dwaine Christensen can and will be fully repayed, compensated & awarded all the monies, Bonds, Treasury Notes and/or Bonds, Assets, Collateral & Sales of Stock Shares, plus Physical Assets such as Real Estate, Gold, Platinum, Silver and other Properties that will at least be equal or of value more than is rightfully due “Chris Dwaine Christensen” who has been robbed, cheated, lied to, extorted from, embezzled & painfully victimized by the criminals who act with wanton disregard of the life, the happiness, the welfare, security & prosperity of a natural born child of God and a fellow Human Being.
All that shall be legally and rightfully justified to the full satisfaction of this innocent citizen of the Nation and Country of the United States of America.

This Suit for reclamations, restitution, reimbursements, allocations, re-payments, penalties, rewards and awards shall be allowed to reach the maximum potential of $21 Trillion Dollars ($21,000,000,000,000 USD) and shall be paid in full, plus interest, immediately in no more than 1 year (12 months) and with no less than 12 monthly payments if necessary.

This is the lawful act and true binding process of sequestering for the sequestration of a public informed and allotted jury. This is the immediate sequestering of property, monies and any thing that will be equal to or more than what I, Chris Dwaine Christensen, am owed. This is the legal action of taking possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met. This is also the proper action of taking forcible possession of my properties and other values. It may also be required to confiscate anything of value if this court injunction is ignored so it may also be necessary to sequestrate the trade union for assets that may follow.

This is the writ authorizing such sequestering; I am now ordering the legal process by which such sequestering shall be immediately accomplished. So therefore I demand the sequestration of any and all of the incriminating correspondence in any situation that requires an act of declaring anyone, entity, share holder, share holders, the whole corporation or part of the corporation or corporations to relinquish assets even if bankruptcy is deemed necessary for the forcible collection of funds, assets, shares, property or any thing of value to ensure that I am properly compensated. This action may also necessitate making a general cut in government spending for any measure that brings the federal budget closer to sequestration and efficient operations.

COPYRIGHT© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone

*All interested parties shall be advised and publicly notified.

1st Adjudicating Witness: “Majestone"

2nd Adjudicating Witness: “Christ Michael"

3rd Adjudicating Party: “UniversalPoliceForce.Com"

4th Adjudicating Witness & Victor: Chris Dwaine Christensen

5th Adjudicating Witness & Universal Federal Prosecutor “Weapon”

Copyright© 2016 Majestone Enterprises®

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*In Further Progress: Chris Dwaine Christensen; "Plaintiff" has genuinely integrated an efficient means of litigating municipal, county, state & federal cases, including civil or criminal lawsuits with the creation of "A.U.T.O.L.A.W.®" & "DIGITALLAW®", so that government officials and other legal representatives will not be over-burdened with unnecessary travels and time consuming affairs which can be very taxing & costly. These 2 *Integrations* will utilize current lawful processes of paramount transactions that require higher forms of considerations. With the advent of modern electronic communications & computerized technology "A.U.T.O.L.A.W.®" & "DIGITALLAW®" will achieve maximum results by using costly resources only when absolutely required. Lawyers, Powers of Attorney, Public Notaries, Paralegals, Clerks, Witnesses and Judges are needed to maintain documents, officiate claims, authorize signatures, file case matters, process transactions, witness evidence, adjudicate hearings, subpoena persons or documents, etc. *Any forms of business and/or legal transactions for the government, banking, financial, public or otherwise interested parties will be posted in proper locations to maintain transparency and legitimacy. It will be required to edit and update these formulas from time to time, so all cases will be subject to review for that clerical & legal corrections will be maintained in an expedient manner.

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About our new International Monetary Fund. Mobi

***Paradise Value Credits®, Inc.***

$PVC®, Inc.

Paradise Value Credits are a new PATENTED & Formulized Currency System Created, Designed, Authored Owned & Co-Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone AKA: Christ Michael - the Planetary Prince & Sovereign Master Creator Son of this local universe known as “Nebadon”, and this new Financial, Monetary, Cash, Currency & Coin median is backed by the accumulated & inherited value & interests of the entire Universal Economy of multiple Galaxies and other universes of Supreme & Ultimate Enterprises.

As Primary & Chief Financier I have brought a huge reward & compensation program to this confused and materialistic world which will completely transform this sphere into a world of peace, love & harmony.

The natural values & resources of this world have been robbed by greedy and wicked men connected to world banking institutions that are deceiving the whole world, and they have been financing and instigating wars on all soils.

It is time to end their reign of terror and war-mongering, as well as their money-worshipping and demonic mayhem.

As my new Spiritual, Physical & Intellectual wealth, *(Approved by our Paradise Father & all members of the Trinity) is integrated, embedded & instituted into this planet and world it will be just like new seeds of Light & Life planted all through the whole world and in every community.

Soon you will all see a ‘New Heaven and a new Earth’

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - CEO, Co-Owner & Operator Majestone Enterprises®, Inc. ©2016©