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Contact Information:


Emergency Phone:

(435) 799-6058

Mailing Address:

Chris D. Christensen Owner/Operator & CEO

General Delivery (USPS)

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

United States of America (Urantia/Earth)


Chris Dwaine Christensen is a United States Citizen of good standing who was born in 1962 in Paradise (Winchester) Township, Las Vegas, Nevada on December 16th at 6:18 AM in the Sunrise Hospital now known as “Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital”. Chris Dwaine Christensen also uses “Majestone” as a business and family name, as well as a unique universal enterprise name.

“Majestone” DBA is registered in the State of Utah, (Salt Lake City) along with “Majestone Enterprises” & “UniversalPoliceForce.Com”.

Chris is a Paradise Emergency Bestowal Son from Paradise and does have ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND EARTH!!!

The Urantia Universal Military is active and functioning in full force on this planet as also is the Universal Police Force, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs, all of which are part of the Paradise Operated “Urantia Planetary Government”.

~ CEO ~

About our new International Monetary Fund. Mobi

***Paradise Value Credits®, Inc.***

$PVC®, Inc.

Paradise Value Credits are a new PATENTED & Formulized Currency System Created, Designed, Authored Owned & Co-Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone AKA: Christ Michael - the Planetary Prince & Sovereign Master Creator Son of this local universe known as “Nebadon”, and this new Financial, Monetary, Cash, Currency & Coin median is backed by the accumulated & inherited value & interests of the entire Universal Economy of multiple Galaxies and other universes of Supreme & Ultimate Enterprises.

As Primary & Chief Financier I have brought a huge reward & compensation program to this confused and materialistic world which will completely transform this sphere into a world of peace, love & harmony.

The natural values & resources of this world have been robbed by greedy and wicked men connected to world banking institutions that are deceiving the whole world, and they have been financing and instigating wars on all soils.

It is time to end their reign of terror and war-mongering, as well as their money-worshipping and demonic mayhem.

As my new Spiritual, Physical & Intellectual wealth, *(Approved by our Paradise Father & all members of the Trinity) is integrated, embedded & instituted into this planet and world it will be just like new seeds of Light & Life planted all through the whole world and in every community.

Soon you will all see a

‘New Heaven and a new Earth’!!


Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - CEO, Co-Owner & Operator

Majestone Enterprises®, Inc. ©2016©

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®©

The MUSM®© Report©

**For a list of Integrated Corporations visit:


IPO #914 2-13-2016 at 6:00 AM

914. I.M.F.® International Monetary Fund & Financial Banking Currency Designing, Authoring, Creating, Printing, Publishing, Distributing, Regulating, Tracing, Tracking, Retrieving, Valuating, Insuring, Bonding, Sales, Buying, Trading, Owning & Disseminating Reserve Order Money Business Company Enterprise Agency Forces®, Incorporated® IPO 2-13-16 for $888,888,008,100,606,888 PVC$ Per Share

50% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen -  Majestone®


47% of Holdings is offered.

53% is held by the Owners.

IPO 2-13-16 for $888,888,008,100,606,888 PVC$ Per Share

I am depositing $888,888,008,100,606,888 Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion PVC$ into the I.M.F.®, Inc. account.

I order 888,888,008,100,606,888 Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion PVC$ shares.

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